CovaWound Silicone Foam Border Application Guide

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Wirral University Teaching Hospital converts to CovaWound™ Silicone Foams, Alginates and Hydrocolloids

Interest in the CovaWound™ range was initially created through analysis of a TR 18 report, comparing the costs of currently used silicone, foam, and hydrocolloid dressings, with their CovaWound™ equivalents. This showed the potential for a 28% saving on like for like products.

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Summary of the CovaWound™ Survey

CovaWound™ Competitor Comparison Graphs

The Surgical Materials Testing laboratory (SMTL) is recognised as an independent centre of excellence for the research, development and testing of wound dressings and its reports are accepted and respected worldwide by clinicians, manufacturers and procurement bodies. The standards used in all test methodologies are in accordance with BS EN 13726.

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